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Great Lakes Guardians Our Commitment


Great Lakes Guardians is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of our valuable water resources. It accomplishes that goal by supporting scholarships, educational programs, and grant for water quality awareness, testing, and research. Great Lakes Guardians leverages its support of the environment by working with existing education and advocacy groups to improve and maintain the quality of water resources throughout the state of Michigan. 

Great Lakes Guardians is also organized to acquire, preserve, maintain, improve, protect and hold in perpetuity nature sanctuaries, nature preserves, and significant natural, agricultural, and scenic land areas that predominantly contain natural habitat for fish, wildlife and plants, and for conservation, outdoor recreation by the general public, scientific study, preservation of biodiversity and historical sites, the education of general public, and to advance land stewardship in Michigan now and for future generations.

Great Lakes Guardians was organized through the efforts of the former Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner John P. McCulloch and interested local citizens. It raises money to educate residents of all ages on the critical relationship between human activity and the quality of water resources.



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