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Why Are We Here?

Our beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams represent the cornerstone of the natural amenities offered thoughout Michigan.  Great Lakes Guardians provides a way to help protect and preserve our precious water resources.


†It wasn't too long ago that calls to protect ecological treasures were largely unheeded.† That's changed.† As stewards of the environment, we realize that the health of the ecosystem is contingent on the resolve of people like you who will support Great Lakes Guardians and its programs.

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Welcome to Clean Water


Great Lakes Guardians is more than just a wonderful non-profit organization with a high-minded purpose. It represents a collection of dedicated individuals who give their time and effort to protect our most precious natural resources. Thatís why Iím proud of the role I played in helping Great Lakes Guardians take its first important steps. From those beginnings to the support it provides with scholarships and grants today, Great Lakes Guardians continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of those who value clean water, who appreciate the value of a picturesque landscape and recognize the importance of being conscientious environmental stewards.


Great Lakes Guardians Ė itís worth the investment.

John P. McCulloch - Former Oakland County†Water Resources†Commissioner
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